Tracy Heath: DPPDiv


DPPDiv is a program for estimating species divergence times and lineage-specific substitution rates on a fixed topology. The prior on branch rates is a Dirichlet process prior which clusters branches into distinct rate classes. Alternative priors including the global molecular clock and the independent rates model are also available. The priors on node ages include the birth-death (and Yule) model and the uniform distribution.

A fast/optimized version of DPPDiv (modified by Tomáš Flouri and Alexandros Stamatakis) is available here (recommended version): FastDPPDiv

An extended version of FastDPPDiv with a coherent model for fossil calibration is available on GitHub: FDPPDIV

The original source code can be downloaded here: DPPDiv

DPPDiv user discussion email list:

Descriptions of models and implementation